A Refreshing Rendition of the Book of Matthew
by MC Newhook BEd
copyright 2007
All rights reserved.

Creation consists of the material universe, time and God.
God is the Power that operates Creation and is the foundation of Life.
God exists throughout Creation, to carry Creation through to its end.
The Seventh Day begins at the end of Creation; it is a time of God's rest from the
building and operation of Creation; the sabbath day is a day ruled by manmade laws.
The Spirit of Man had been Bonded with the Power of God until Adam (people)
chose to live without the Power of God.
Belief that Man's Spirit can become reBonded to God is the means whereby Man's Spirit
is reBonded with the Power of God.
Belief brings with it God's healing (forgiveness).
Belief brings New Life in the Spirit's reBonding with God.
The Third Heaven is the place reserved for people who have chosen to reBond, via Belief, their Spirits to God.
Perfect Life is Life in the Third Heaven.
The Son of Man is the Child of Mankind, the Childlike ability in people to accept New Understanding.
The Son of Man is people's LifeLine to the Power of God.
The key is to Believe that the Son of Man is the Way, the Path to the Power of God.

1: The roots of Jesus Christ (JC) trace back to King David and back to Abraham.
There are 14 generations from Abraham to David, and 14 generations to the exile and 14 generations to JC's birth.
Joseph's promised wife, Mary, became pregnant.
Joseph had been told that he would name the Child Salvation (Jesus) because the Child had been born to
Teach his people The Way to liberation from death.

2: Mary gave birth to the Baby,Jesus, in Bethlehem.
Some astrologers arrived in Bethlehem and asked around for the Child,
who had been Born to become Leader, Teacher of the Jews.
When Herod the Great heard about the birth, he met with the astrologers, in an attempt to locate the Child.
The astrologers, having found and worshipped the Child, departed without telling Herod the Child's location.
When Herod the Great found that the astrologers had tricked him, he ordered that all baby boys, up to age 2,
in Bethlehem, be killed.
Joseph and his family had already gone to Egypt.
After Herod the Great died, Joseph returned from Egypt.
As Herod Antipas had become Governor, Joseph moved to Nazareth.

3: John the Baptist began preaching in Judea.
He preached that people must change their ways.
Many people became Followers.
He warned the conservatives that the time is coming when the evil of the world will be destroyed.
He told them that his duty had been to prepare people for the Coming of the One who had accessed
the Power of God, via Belief, that the Bond, between God and people, can be restored.
When John baptized Jesus, there came a great sense of Power.

4: JC went to the desert to confirm his Victory over temptation.
When John became imprisoned, JC moved to Capernaum, where he began Teaching.
Near the lake, he called Simon (Peter), Andrew, James and John to become Companions.
JC and his Companions travelled Galilee, Teaching Salvation via the Power of God, that Comes via Belief
in the reality that the Power of God can be accessed via the Son of Man.

5:6:7: Sermon on the Mount
Cherished are those who are Humble, who seek Righteousness, who are Merciful,
who are Pure in heart, who are Peacemakers and who are persecuted because of Belief in the Power of Spirit;
those who persecute you persecuted the Prophets.
Creation is the Temple of God.
God is Master of the universe and is the Power of Life.
Your body is your Temple of Spirit.
Prayer Bonds your Spirit with the Power that is God.
If you do not nurture your Bond with God, your life will be unfulfilled.
The Goodness of your Spirit can be seen through your Deeds.
I came to fulfill the Prophesies of Scripture.
If you ignore Scripture, to obey the traditions and rules made by, and for the authorities,
you will not have a Bond with God.
The guilt, of a sinner, poisons his ability to nurture his Bond with God.
Let your actions be guided, by your Spirit's Bond with God, as protection from sin.
Sin begins its poison when it touches the Spirit.
Preserve the purity of your Spirit, by any means.
The Marriage Bond is a Bond of Unity of Spirits.
Its strength relies on mutual faith.
Beware, though, that the poison, of sin's touching the Spirit, will destroy the Bond forever.
Base your promises solely on your integrity.
Accept that evil exists in this world.
It is not for you to battle with evil, but to leave evil to its destruction.
Accept and recognize that there is Good in all people.
It is your duty to promote the Bond of Sharing for the purpose of spreading the Good that comes with that Bond.
Nurture your Bond with God through prayer.
Recognize that Peace can be achieved only when you accept that evil exists separate from people's inner Goodness.
Cleanse the inner and the outer of your Spirit's Temple.
True wealth comes from purity of the Spirit and of the Spirit's Temple.
Your first priority is to nurture your Bond with God.
Avoid the torture of worry by keeping your Bond with God as the focus of your thoughts.
The strength of your Bond with God will ensure your security as time takes you into tomorrow.
Accept that, as there is Good in people, there is also evil in people; validate the Good only.
Do not compromise the purity of your Spirit. Isolate your Spirit from the ravages of outside forces
that try to take posession of your mind.
Make Peace, with those around you, through the Bond of Sharing.
Nurturing your Bond with God, makes life good.
Beware of the evil of those fools who parade as people of God, but whose emptiness is obvious
to true Children of God; they will never know Heaven.
Remain as a Child of God.

8: After the Sermon on the Mount, large crowds of people became Believers.
JC continued helping the Believers, telling them to tell that the healings come from Belief
in the Power of the Bond with the Power of God.
JC made it clear that people must abandon worldly ways, to nurture their Bonds with God.
He explained that worldly ways can never accomodate Spiritual Ways.
The worldly way will remain forever separated from God.
Travelling by boat, the Companions lost Faith when a storm arose.
JC berated their lack of Belief and the storm ended.
Arriving at Gadarene, Belief caused demons, to be driven, from two men, into pigs;
the pigs ran into the lake and drowned.
Seeing this, the local people told JC to leave the area.

9: Back at Capernaum, some leaders accused JC of blasphemy, as they had no Faith in Belief
in the True Bond of Spirit to the Power of God.
JC had demonstrated that Belief leads to healing.
When JC gained Matthew, a tax collector, as a Companion, the leaders critisized JC
for associating with sinners.
JC explained to them that it is his mission to Teach healing, to his people.
When confronted, by Followers of John, to explain why JC and his Companions don't follow
the tradition of fasting, JC replied that fasting is part of the need to purge the effects of
worldly ways; such rituals are not needed in the New Life of a Believer.
On the way to a leader's house, a woman, who had been bleeding, became well via Belief.
At the leader's house, Belief brought healing to the daughter.
Shortly after, two blind men regained their vision, via Belief.
Against an order from JC, the men spread their version of the healing.

10: As JC travelled and taught, the number of Believers became so large that he prayed for his ministry to increase.
He gave his 12 Companions Authority to Teach the Power of Belief.
The 12 are: Simon Peter, and Andrew (sons of Jonah), James and John (sons of Zebedee), James (son of Alphaeus),
Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, Thaddaeus, Simon and Judas Iscariot.
He sent them out, as Apostles, to Teach healing through Belief, to Jews only.
On the journey they would earn their keep.
They would stay at the homes of only those who welcome them.
Spiritual wisdom would ensure their survival.
When pushed, by authorities, to explain their mission, they would tell the truth.
The Mission of one who Teaches the Power of Belief is to bring people to the Truth
of the Power of God that comes via Belief.
The Apostles would not fear for their safety, as they would be guided by the Power of Spirit.
The Power of God is available to all Believers equally.
Believers are required to separate themselves from worldly traditions and to carry crosses of opposition
against sin, in all of its forms.
Those who maintain Belief gain Perfect Life in the Third Heaven.
Belief gives people the choice between Perfect Life and death.

11: When some of John's Followers asked JC whether or not he is of God, he told them to tell John
that the Power of God, via Belief, is spreading across the land.
JC described John as being the one mentioned in Scripture as the Messenger of the news
of the Coming of the One who knows God.
He described the people, who are choosing to not Believe, as missing out on good Teaching that is offered freely.
They are blind to the possibility of New Life because hardheartedness holds them back.
JC chastized cities; they reject his Teaching.
He described Believers as being those who are able to reject serving the demands of desire,
in favor of living the New Life.

12: Some conservatives accused JC and some Believers of having broken a law of the manmade sabbath,
by picking grain to eat.
JC made it clear that the manmade sabbath means nothing to the Children of the True God.
Belief brought healing to a man's hand, in full view of a group of conservatives; they began to plot to murder JC.
JC continued to Teach Belief as the source of healing, in accordance with Scripture.
Conservatives watched and claimed that JC had been using the power of demons to drive out demons.
JC explained that a power fighting against itself will destroy itself;
therefore, he couldn't be using the power of demons to destroy demons.
It is Belief in the Spirit's Bond with God, that destroys the demons.
JC reminded the people that the words of the conservatives come from their evil hearts and that
nothing good can come from evil.
When some people asked that JC perform a miracle, as proof of claims that he is a Teacher of Salvatiom,
JC told them that the Miracle must come from within.
Those who depend on an outward sign, as proof, of the Power, are missing the point.
To maintain a defence against evil, it is necessary to continue Belief.
The Bond of Belief creates one big Family.

13: Later that day, JC told a group of Believers how people's responses to hearing the Message
affect their Seeds of the Power of God Within;
people who are hardhearted reject the Message and their Seeds of God Within die,
just as a seed won't grow in infertile soil.
People who are adaptable (like Children) can accept the Message, thereby nurturing their Seeds of God Within,
just as a seed will grow in fertile soil.
JC explained that he uses parables (parallel stories) because Believers are capable of gaining
increased understanding from them.
JC then used the parable of the weeds among the wheat to describe how, at harvest time
(the last day of Creation),
wheat (Believers) will be saved and the weeds (skeptics) will be destroyed.
JC described the Power of God as being like a tiny seed that, when nurtured, becomes a magnificent plant;
he described the Power of God as being like a treasure, worth more than all worldly goods.
At Capernaum, the people doubted that JC, being a son of ordinary people, could be a Teacher of Salvation.
JC couldn't inspire Miracles there because of the people's lack of Belief in the reality
of reBonding to the Power of God.

14: Herod Antipas murdered John the Baptist.
When JC heard of the murder, he went, by boat, to a place to pray;
a crowd of more than 12000 Followers arrived; JC nourished the crowd.
After the crowd went away, the Companions, in a boat, encountered a great storm.
JC came, walking on the water, to their aid.
The Belief of Simon Peter, enabled Simon Peter to walk on the water.
At Gennesaret the people's great Belief caused many to heal.

15: JC taught that, from the mouth of an evil person comes only evil.
He warned his Believers to avoid conservatives' blind teachings because they lead the blind to destruction.
In the area of Tyre and Sidon, a Canaanite woman pleaded for JC to heal her daughter.
JC ignored her because he had been sent to Teach only the people of Jacob (Israel).
When the woman convinced him of her Belief, her daughter healed.
On a hill near Lake Galilee, Belief brought healing to many people; they praised JC as a king.
Belief nourished the crowd.

16: Some conservatives asked JC to perform a miracle as a sign of his Power.
JC explained that the Miracle requires Belief; the only sign that worldly people will receive is his Salvation from ruin.
JC and his Companions went across the lake to where he told them to beware of the teachings of the conservatives.
At Caesarea Philippi, JC said that the key to Heaven is living with Belief in the Bond between God and Man.
JC then told his Companions that the time had nearly come when the skeptics would get the sign
that they need in order to change their hearts: Salvation from Ruin.
JC rebuked Peter for his pleading that those things must never happen.
JC described Peter's doubt as evil because Salvation is the Mission of JC.
JC then made it clear that the Soul is more important than every worldly posession, including the body.
To live a New Life, people must rid themselves of worldly desires and useless rituals.

17: A week later, JC, Peter, James and John went to a hill.
All of a sudden, JC changed in appearance as images of Moses and Elijah appeared to be talking with JC.
From somewhere came a voice, saying,
"This is my son, who I love and respect. Obey him!"
As they walked away, JC told them to not tell of what happened.
He told them, also, that Elijah had come, as John the Baptist.
When they arrived back at the crowd, a man brought his son to be healed;
he said that the Companions didn't have enough Faith to heal him.
Belief, in the presence of JC, healed the boy.
At a gathering, in Galilee, JC told of his death sentence and of his Salvation, on the third day.
In Capernaum, JC told Peter to catch a fish and to take a coin from its mouth to pay the taxman,
to keep the taxman at bay.

18: In reply to inquiries as to who is the greatest in Heaven, JC replied that the most Humble are the greatest.
He told his Companions to nurture the Power that Comes via Belief;
as examples, Believers are to avoid sin, at all costs.
Childlike people, having pure Spirits, learning what they are taught, can be reborn as creatures in touch with God.
JC explained how to deal with a Believer who sins against another,
"Take him aside and request an apology.
If there comes no apology, then request an apology with others present.
If there comes no apology, then involve the Church.
If there still comes no apology, then avoid that person.
This is in line with the Word.
If two Believers pray for something, then it will be given because God is with people in prayer.
Forgiveness must be given to those who beg from their hearts for forgiveness.
Those who don't forgive debts deserve punishment.
This is in line with the Word."

19: In Judea, some conservatives asked JC about the reasons that support divorce.
JC referred to Scripture where the Bond of Marriage is permanent.
He said that Moses permitted divorce only because his people refused to Believe in the Bond
between people and the Power of God.
JC said that any man who divorces his wife (except when she has committed adultry) and marries another,
is living in sin.
He told them that anyone who marries must respect the permanence of the Bond.
JC accepted the Children, noting that the New Life can belong to those who are as accepting as are children.
A man asked JC about how he could gain the New Life. JC told him to Believe, to be Humble and to reject sin.

20: JC described Heaven as a place where everyone is equal, regardless of his status in worldly matters.
JC, on the road to Jerusalem, told his Companions that the authorities will sentence to death the One
who tells the people the Truth of the Power of Belief: that the Bond with God can be restored.
They will parade the Truth for the skeptics to mock.
On the third day, of the Great Event, the Truth will gain Victory.
The mother of Companions James and John,
requested that JC place her sons in prominent positions in the Third Heaven.
JC replied that status, in the Third Heaven, is according to the Will of God.
JC explained that the most Humble are the greatest.
Teaching the Way to Salvation, carries a cross of opposition against those who treat people with injustice;
the time will come when Belief will gain the Victory.
Outside Jericho, Belief caused two blind men's sight to return.

21: On approaching Jerusalem, JC sent two Believers to bring him a donkey and its colt;
he would enter Jerusalem as a humble king.
Arriving in Jerusalem, JC, enraged by the use of the temple as a place of worldly trade,
threw out the sellers and their wares.
He taught the Power of Belief in healing.
The temple priests became very angry; they confronted JC.
They pointed out that people had been praising him as having been born of King David.
JC referred to Scripture's words in reference to a Teacher of God:
'You teach people to sing praises.'
JC went to Bethany for the night.
The next day, some leaders asked JC to identify the Authority that permits him to Teach in the Temple.
JC replied by asking the leaders by what Authority did they believe John the Baptist taught.
The leaders, having not recognized John's Authority, became trapped.
If they replied, 'of God' then the murder of John the Baptist would be admitted as being a crime against God.
If they replied, 'of man' then the people would riot, as the Followers of John the Baptist Believed that he taught
with the Authority of God.
They replied, "We don't know."
JC told the leaders that people, who Believe in John's Authority, will enter the Third Heaven.
The leaders, in continuing to not admit that John the Baptist came with the Authority of God,
cannot enter the Third Heaven.
JC explained that those who gain unearned wealth, lose all.
JC pointed to Scripture where it tells of the stone that the builders rejected would become the Cornerstone.
God punishes those who oppose its Teacher.

22: JC described Heaven as a place that is open to those who Believe in the Power of the Bond with God.
Those who do not Believe, cannot enter Heaven; those who expect to enter without Belief, cannot enter Heaven.
The leaders sent agents to trap JC by his words; they failed.
Some leaders, who don't believe in resurrection, tried to trap JC, with a trick question regarding resurrection.
JC responded by revealing their ignorance of Scripture, in pointing out that, with God's Salvation,
through Belief, there is no death and no need for resurrection.
He revealed also their ignorance about God.
When people Believe, they do not live under worldly rituals and ways;
they enter New Life where they live according to the Will of the God of Life.
He told the leaders that Scripture describes God as being a God of the living, not a God of the dead.
Some conservatives tried again to trap JC by his words; they asked him which
commandment is the most important.
JC replied,
"Believe wholly in the reality of God. Also, serve your friends with humility and justice."
JC then asked that the conservatives tell whose son is God's Teacher.
When they answered, "The son of David.", JC questioned how God's Teacher could be the son of David
when Scripture tells that David referred to God's Teacher as being his master.
With that, the conservatives practically admitted to JC's superior knowledge of Scripture.

Sermon to the Conservatives
23: Conservatives do not obey the harsh laws that they impose on the people and they make no allowances
for those who can't bear the weight that the laws demand that they carry.
They do good deeds only to gain praise from worldly people.
They wear fine clothes to gain admiration from worldly people.
They claim the best seats just to be viewed as being important.
They expect respect without earning it; they overrate their importance.
When the end comes, they will be humbled.
They try to prevent people from becoming Believers.
They are blind to the True God; they cannot gain Perfect Life.
Those who follow them bring upon themselves the same destruction as awaits the conservatives.
Conservatives have more respect for worldly treasures than they have for God.
They are blind to the Truth.
They don't know the Way to the Power of God.
They see God as being remote from people, as being accessible through worship of authority and of objects.
Conservatives try to buy Salvation while exercising neither Justice, Mercy nor Fellowship.
They wash the outside of the body while leaving Spirit to rot due to greed,
worldly desires, hypocricy and many other evils.
They are born of those who murdered the Prophets and they continue the sins of their ancestors.
JC would send Prophets, some of whom the conservatives would murder.
He berated the city for rejecting the Message and foretold of the time when the people of the city will realize
that his Teaching is, indeed, the Liberator.

24: JC foretold of the destruction of the worldly temple.
As JC sat on the Mount of Olives, he warned his Companions that many will claim to be God's Teacher.

Sermon of the End
Before the end time comes, there will be wars, earthquakes and famines.
Believers will be arrested, beaten and killed.
Many will lose Faith.
Evil will cause riots and hatred; the remaining Believers will be saved from the final destruction.
Skeptics should run away to the mountains immediately.
The time of great trouble will be short so that the Believers will be saved.
The sign of the Son of Man will appear when Helpers will collect together the Believers.
No one knows when the end will be.
When the Power of God returns, the world will be like in the days when Noah entered the Ark;
people had been eating and drinking and marrying; the flood destroyed them;
it will be the same when the Power of God returns;
just the Believers will be saved.

25: In that no one knows when the end comes, it is critical that a person be already
among the Family of Believers.
JC explained that Belief is an asset that gives people the ability to increase their understanding of Truth;
such understanding is part of being ready for the last day.
The Truth unites and guides the people who have shown Compassion as JC has shown.

26: Two days before the Passover Feast, the temple leaders devised the plot to murder JC.
As the public had included many Believers, they planned the murder for after the day of the Passover Feast.
A key part of the plot is planting supporters of the temple leaders into the crowd,
to increase momentum of support for the murder.
During a meal a woman poured perfume onto JC.
The Believers expressed concerns that the worldly value of the perfume could have benefitted the poor.
JC explained that poverty is a worldly and relative state of mind that is permanently part of the world.
To quell further opposition, JC explained that her pouring of the perfume is not a waste,
but represents her respect of the Teachings that JC brings to the world;
the worldly value of the perfume pales in comparison with the True Value of her Deed.
Judas Iscariot made a deal with the leading priests of the temple, to aid in the plot against JC.
At the Passover Feast, JC identified Judas Iscariot as a traitor.
During the meal, JC offered bread to his Companions, to represent the sacrifice of his body.
He then poured wine to represent the outpouring of his blood,
which marks the giving of the New Agreement between God and Man.
Acceptance of bread and wine creates a Bond with the True Power of Life, that is God.
Later, on the Mount of Olives, JC foretold of his Companions' desertion of him during the night of the arrest;
Peter would desert him before daylight.
He informed them that loss of Belief will result in being left behind when JC enters the Third Heaven.
On the day before Preparation Day, at Gethsemane, JC took Peter, John and James aside;
he assigned the three to wait and to watch as he went to a place to pray.
After an hour, he returned to find the three asleep.
He ordered them to remain alert to keep the Spirit strong;
twice more JC returned from prayer to find the three asleep.
JC then announced that the time had come for the murder plot to begin.
Suddenly, Judas Iscariot arrived with temple soldiers and identified JC with a kiss.
During his arrest, one of the Companions grabbed a sword and struck one of the temple soldiers,
cutting off his ear.
JC ordered his Companions to let the events continue, as is written in Scripture.
As JC pointed out that the soldiers' duty had begun in the darkness
and that he had performed his duty in daylight,
his Companions deserted him.

27: At the home of Caiaphas, the temple council decided that they would take JC to Pilate,
to have the Romans execute JC.
Meanwhile, Judas Iscariot regretted having participated in the plot;
he threw the 30 silver coins into the temple and hanged himself.
The temple leaders, being not permitted to keep blood money, used the money to buy Potters Field
to use as a cemetery for strangers who die in Jerusalem;
Potters Field became known as the Field of Blood.
Just after sunrise, on the first day of the Great Event, in Pilate's garden, the temple leaders couldn't convince Pilate
that JC had committed any crime punishable by death.
As Pilate could not convince the temple leaders that he could not execute JC, without a valid trial and conviction,
he gave JC back to the temple soldiers.
The soldiers dressed JC in a royal robe, put a crown of thorns onto his head and
gave him a stick as a mock royal sceptor;
they spat on him, mocked him as a phony king and beat him with a stick.
Before taking him away to be murdered, they put his own clothes back onto him.
On the way out of the city, the soldiers forced Simon, from Cyrene, to carry the crossbeam.
At the Place of the Skull, the soldiers gave JC bitter wine, which he refused to drink.
At 9 a.m., after the soldiers had nailed JC's wrists to the crossbeam and raised him up onto a tree,
they took his clothes.
Above JC's head, they placed a sign,

'This is Jesus, the King of the Jews'
People mocked him.
Three hours later, at noon, the sky darkened; the darkness lasted for three hours.
Then JC cried out,
"My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?"
Soon after, he expired.
Then the temple curtain, that hides the temple's objects of worship, ripped open to view;
an earthquake rumbled the ground.
For Believers, ruination vanished.
That evening, Mary Magdalene's uncle, Joseph, from Arimathea, wrapped JC's body and put it into a cave tomb;
he rolled a large rock across the entrance of the tomb.
On the second day, of the Great Event,
Pilate had the cave tomb guarded so that none of the Believers could steal the body of JC.

28: At dawn, on the third day of the Great Event, Mary Magdalene and a woman named Mary,
went to the cave tomb; an earthquake moved the rock from the entrance to the tomb.
They found that the body of JC had gone missing.
JC had left to go to Galilee.
As the women had been going to tell the Compamions about the Salvation of JC, JC met them on the road.
He told them to tell his Companions that he would meet them in Galilee.
Meanwhile, the cave tomb guards reported to the temple priests about the disappearance of the body of JC.
The temple priests bribed the soldiers, with a large amount of money, to tell the people that the body had been stolen
by some Believers; the temple priests assured the soldiers that Pilate would be bribed also, to support the lie.
The remaining 11 Companions went to where JC had told them to meet him.
JC instructed them to make all people into Believers via baptism in the name of the Word, the Power and Spirit.
Believers walk as if JC is with them.