The Avalon Peninsula is Named as Top Coastal Destination,
by National Geographic Traveler Magazine (Nov '10).
The Issue Rates this Peninsula at the Top of 99 Coastal Destinations.
(This Peninsula has struck the right Balance in Hospitality)
The Article notes the Scenery, WaterFronts, Rural Communities, Coastal Hiking Trails,
Colourful BirdLife and SeaFaring Heritage as making the Peninsula "The BestKept Secret".

This Peninsula is full of Natural Wonders:
IceBergs, Whales, SeaBirds and Caribou.

As the First Region (in Canada) to be settled by English Colonists,
the Avalon is full of Legends, Lore and History of Adventurers.

A Land of Firsts.
Mr. Marconi ushered in the Modern Era of Communications,
by Receiving the First transAtlantic Signal aTop Signal Hill in 1901.

The Early Explorers
Five Centuries after the Vikings abandoned their Colony on this Island,
England's King Henry VII Hired (1496) John Cabot to seek a
'North of the Spanish Caribbean' Route to Asia.
His 1497 Voyage resulted in News that Land had been found '1800 miles' West of Ireland.
(Bristol FisherMen had been here Long before Cabot arrived.)

King Dom Manoel dispatched a series of expeditions from the Azores.
They re-disCovered the Eastern Coast of Newfoundland Island and Claimed it for Portugal.

Bristol and Portuguese Fishing Industries Developed here.
By 1504, French Normans arrived; then Bretons and Basques.

The Atlas of Canada, Initial Probes 1497 to 1501
Natural Resources Canada