Saunders SawMill Album

Andy: 683-1213

(Hilliers Garage is just beyond Saunders SawMill)

Saunders Front
Saunders SawMill has been in Greens Harbour since 1949
Softwood Lumber Classification:
This Lumber comes from EverGreen Trees
Grading is based on Appearance, Strength, Rigidity
Rough: Sawn/ Trimmed/ Edged; Faces show Saw Marks
Surfaced: Rough Lumber; Smoothed by a Planing Machine
Worked: Smooth Lumber; Patterned, Matched or ShipLapped
Andy Saunders
Andy Saunders is the Owner/Operator of Saunders SawMill
Andy has been in the Lumber Industry since the early 1970s
Shop/Factory: Millwork Lumber for Trim
Yard (Structural): for Framing, Concrete Forms and Sheathing.
It is Divided into Categories:
Boards: Must be Less than 1" Thick and be 4" to 12" Wide
Planks: Must be Greater than 1" Thick and Greater than 6" Wide

Saunders SawMill Provides Rough /Finished Lumber
(Dimension SoftWood is Graded only re Mechanical Properties).
This Grading is based on Best Side of the Board.
Common Graded SoftWood:
The Highest Grade is # 1 and has the Fewest Defects.
Grade 3 and below are used only if Appearance is NOT Important.
Select Lumber is Graded as A, B, C, or D as Defects Increase.
Grades A and B can be combined and marked "B&BTR,"
[B & Better].

Saunders Mill maintains a Good Supply of SawLogs

RoughSawn is the First Cut and needs to be Dressed.
Rough Sawn is cut Large to allow for Planing and Shrinkage.
Drying is often done by just leaving the Lumber OutSide

Lumber is Categorized by Tree Species also.
The Porter gets the Logs to the SawMill
Dimensional Lumber is Smoothed and Cut to Sizes.
Softwood Lumber Absorbs Paint and has a Straight Grain.
Hardwood Lumber tends to have Colors and Resistance to Moisture.
Lumber can be Chemically Treated
Some Lumber is Laminated, to Seal against Moisture, etc
Veneered Plank creates a Base Coat for Painting.
Engineered Lumber is Wood that is Reinforced for Strength.
Saunders Mill has Lumber of Various Sizes On Hand
Most Lumber is Dimensional (Cut to Standard Sizes)
(eg the 2 x 4 Stud, commonly used for Framing
Other sizes of Dimensional Lumber are 4x4, 2x6, 2x8 and 2x12.
These are the Dimensions before Drying and Planing.

Lumber is Classified re Edges & Sides that have been Planed.
S-1S1E:Board is Smoothed on 1 Side and on 1 Edge.
S-2S2E: All Sides and Edges are Smoothed.
Andy has a FireWood Product also.
A Green Chain is Sorting Freshly Cut Lumber re Size/Grade.
It is done before the Wood undergoes any Processing.

Wood is Green through ALL Stages of the SawMill process.
Modern Green Chain relies on a combination of Human and Machine Labor.
This type of Green Chain includes a Belt or series of Rollers.