Fishes Wishes Album
Fishes Wishes Yonder

Fishes Wishes Supply Co. is on the Left,
just beyond the North End of BlakeTown Straight
There's a Sign on a Post at the Entrance to Reg's DriveWay
Fishes Wishes Supply Co. WorkSite is Up the Hill behind the House
Reg Stanford

Reg Stanford (Owner/Operator of Fishes Wishes Supply Co.)
has Lived in BlakeTown since 1975
Reg Moved there from Old Shop
Here is Reg Demonstrating the Quality of one of his Products, a
Dual Purpose Hand Gaff,
for Retrieving Fish and for Retrieving Hooks from Fishs' Mouths.

Reg has High Quality Rods & Reels at Bargain Prices
He has a Rack of HandCrafted Flies (at Bargain Prices) also
How to Fly Fish:
In General, River Trout can be found on or near the Bottom
about 75% of the time
That makes Nymph Fishing a Popular approach
When Temperatures Rise, some make their way to the Surface
(a good Time for Dry Patterns)
FlyTie Supplies

Reg has a Complete Range of Fly Tying Supplies.
Casting is important to Practice/Build Muscle Memory.
With Spinning Tackle, the Weight of the Lure sends the Line out.
In Fly Casting, the Weight is Distributed Along the Line
You're Casting the LINE, Not the Fly.
Your Forward Cast is like using a Hammer to Nail into a Wall.
Cast BackWard like you're Throwing Nails over your Shoulder.
In Fly Casting, you need to use POWER to Accelerate the Line.
Lure Wall

Some of the Large Selection of Custom Crafted Lures
available at Fishes Wishes Supply Co.
Always use a Leader!
A good Leader will keep you from getting a Snapped Line.
It has Swivel Joints allowing More Free Movement
at the End of the Line.
Reg Repairs Rods/Stocks a Full Range of Rod Parts
False Casting (To and Fro without the Line touching the Water)
False Casting is necessary for getting more Line out
On the Water, the Line should create the Least Disturbance
A Dry Fly must Lay Softly or it will Break the Surface and Sink
A Nymph can Hit the Water with a little more Force
Don't Worry about Distance Casts
Most Fish you'll catch will be within 30' of you
BaitLine System
Reg Demonstrates Using the BaitLine System(about $10)
This System is for Catching Several Kinds of Fish

After a Cast, extend your Finger and bring in the Line
This gives Control of the Line; your other Hand can pull in Line
Bigger Fish Feed where there is Food OVER them
Fish are Suspicious of anything that Doesn't Float Naturally
It's better to Cast the Wrong Fly Properly than to Cast the Right Fly Wrongly