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New Perlican Sign

d'Iberville Trail
(Bloody Point to Vitters Cv.)
Jean's Head Trail
(to a HeadLand Beacon Light)
Tote Trail
(to the Top of a Hill)
Vitters Cove Beach
Orange Museum
Cafe & Gift Shop
Convience Store
Archeological Sites
RV Day Park
OutDoor Rink and BallField.
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Attractions etc.
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New Perlican is one of the Oldest Settlements in the Province.
The Town is mentioned by Thomas Rowley,
one of the first Settlers at Cupids Colony.
He was planning to move to New Perlican in 1619.
By 1675 William Hefford had been living there.
Bloody Point is the Site (1690) of a Battle
between the English and the French.
Today, Vitters Beach provides Free RV Parking.
Archaeological Excavations are conducted
at the Site of the Hefford Plantation.
More than 12,000 Artifacts have been found.
Artifacts are on Display near the Site.
Catch Capelin at Vitters Cove Beach, in June!

dIbervilleTrail Pond
Municipal Bldg ColtsFoot
BallPark ChickWeed
Car 29 TidyTowns

Cruise: Music Basics

Stages Car 30
d'Iberville Path CowLily

Trinity Stones (on FaceBook):
Does Indian Meal ROAD have anything in common with the Indian PATH?
Maybe, maybe not.

The Indian PATH Crosses the Brook in New Perlican (near the Long Bridge).
It then continues past the Five Roads and follows the Road towards Hearts Content.
Indian Meal ROAD starts near the Old Post Office, goes past the Church
and converges with the Indian PATH.

Indian Meal ROAD is so named because the 1850s Government Relief Project
(that built the ROAD) paid the workers with Corn Meal (Indian Meal) and Molasses.

Along the ROAD are 5 Mounds (traditionally called The Graves).
Are they Graves or are they StockPiles of Rock used to build the ROAD?
One OvalShaped Mound of Stones has a Section Missing
(resulting in a Concavity on one side).
The Missing Stones appear to be Neatly Stacked about 10' away to form a Smaller Mound.
This is surely NOT the Work of Grave Looters
(the Stones would have been Cast aside indiscriminately).
Is the Grave Robbed to make another, smaller Grave?
Perhaps the Grave of a Child?
The Stones Speak, but they do Not tell all!

Harbour CrowBerry
Park Ground Ivy
Plantation Car31

New Perlican
  • Development Association 583-2016
  • Municipal Building 583-2500

    47.9° N, 53.3° W

    Turks Cv Sign

    Turks Cove has never had more than about 70 people.
    There were a few fishermen here,
    but the Local Fishery has Disappeared.
    The Cove is open to most Wind Directions.
    Worse is the Arctic Ice that comes by each spring.
    A One Room School served until 1964,
    when Students began Schooling in Winterton.

    Pirate Path Jerusalem Artichoke
    Harbour Car 32

    An Ad Runs for a Year
    $12.00 + HST (up to 15 Lines)
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    Nearing Winterton


    The Boat Building Museum
    Veterans Park War Memorial
    OutSide Pond Park BoardWalk
    LookOut Mountain
    SugarLoaf Gazebo Ocean LookOut

    Black Currant Center
    Car33 Kevin Power Park
    Plant Churches
    Museum Punt

    At the Wooden Boat Museum of NL,
    there are Exhibits that show Traditional Boat Building.
    There are Traditional Boats, Model Schooners,
    Fishing Gear and a Library.

    For More Info, Call 583-2070, 583-2044 or:

    WoodSmith Car 34

  • Liberary 583-2119
  • Municipal Building 583-2010
  • Town Dump 583-2349
  • Winterton Heritage Board 583-2044
  • Winterton Rec Center 583-2946

    48° N, 53° W

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    Nearing Entering

    The 1881 LightHouse
    Sam Loder's Museum
    WillowTree Cemetery
    Willow Tree Museum
    Hant’s Harbour Lighthouse
    Willow Tree Fishing Stage
    Willow Tree Site
    Little Islands Hiking Trail

    Car 35 Park

    The Town of Hants Harbour has a population of approximately 400.
    The Harbour has the capacity to Dock Vessels of 100 tons.
    Hants Harbour's early Settlers are mostly of the Church of England.
    During the 1700s they relied upon the services of
    Itinerent Clergy of the Society of the Propagation of the Gospel,
    Stationed across Trinity Bay, at Trinity.
    The rapid growth of Methodism in Hants Harbour caused the
    Church of England Congregation to remain small.
    In the early 1900s, the Salvation Army established in Hants Harbour.

    Timeline: 1697 - There are 4 houses here.
    1801 - 5 families live here.
    1820s - The first Church is built here.
    1830s - The population consists of 400 people.
    1868 - 1870: A larger Church is built.
    1871 - 81 of the 104 Men are Fishermen.
    1880s - The population has grown to 750.

    Until the 1800s, the economy Based on the inshore Cod Fishery.
    The Labrador Fishery reigned during the latter half of the 1800s.

    LightHouse CustardHead

    Hant's Harbour Lighthouse (1881)
    This is a Square, Wooden structure
    with a 10 Flash/Minute Electric Light.
    586 2355 -2628 -2741

    The Custard Head Fishing Premises
    (a Registered Heritage Site)
    has been here since c. 1905.
    Many of the Artifacts are the Original items used.
    586 2355 -2628 -2741

    Hants Harbour has a Rich Source of SeaFood near its Shores.
    The Warmed NearShore Current Squeezes into a Narrow Channel.
    Being Squeezed, the Water is Slowed, and further Warmed.
    In this Warmer Environment, Plants and SeaLife Abound.
    - Image and Information Courtesy of:
    the 'Trinity Stones' FaceBook Group.

    Hants Harbour
  • Hants Harbour Harbour Auhority 586-2370
  • Janes Brothers Store 586-2357
  • Medical Center 587-2310
  • Municipal Building 586-2741
  • The Point B&B Cell: 687-8076
  • 586-2335
  • Vince Green Ltd 586-2721

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    New Chelsea View BearBerry

    48° N, 53.1° W

    New MelbourneSign

  • New Melbourne Sands

  • Picnic Area

  • Surfing

  • This Community, aka Russells Cove, contained,
    (in the 1860s) 16 families.
    Sometime before 1871, the Community Name
    changed to New Melbourne.

    Church BERRY
    Harbour Surf
    Harbour Indian Pipe

    48° N, 53.1° W

    BrownsDale Sign

    The Original name of BrownsDale is Lance Cove South.

    1820: John Brown is BrownsDale's first Settler
    He built a SawMill here.
    1856: BrownsDale's first School housed 20 Students.
    1870: The Community's first Church is Wesleyan.
    1892: the United Church is Built.
    1958: A High School is named for the Poet, E.J. Pratt.

    Harbour Car 36

    48° N, 53.1° W

    Sibleys Cove Sign
    Sibley's Cove includes Torquay
    (pronounced tarquay),
    a group of Houses on the East End of the Cove.

    1874 - Sibley’s Cove/Lead Cove has a population of 61.
    1884 - The population is 93.
    1895 - A School is Built and Maintained by Isaac March.
    1899 - A Methodist Chapel is built.
    1942 - An Orange Hall is built.
    1957 - A Wharf is built.

  • Sparkes Museum

  • CenterLine

    Insurance Car 37


    TowTruck Garage


    Depot Pearly


    Beach Car 39
    Wharf RoseRoot
    cove Self Heal

    Sibleys Cove
  • Anthony Insurance 586-2596

    48° N, 53° W

    Lead Cove Sign
    Lead Cove Cliffs Car 40
    Cove Mountain Sorrel

    Lead Cove may take its name from the Grey Rock of the Cove.
    Lead Cove may have been named by Abraham Button.
    1870 - Lead Cove's first house is Built by Abraham Button.
    1874 - There are 8 Families in Lead/Sibleys Coves.
    1901 - Methodist Lead Cove has 57 Residents.
    1916 - A CodLiver Oil Factory is established.

    48° N, 53° W

    Old Perlican is at the North End of Route 80

    Old Perlican is Settled since 1640
    (Old Perlican is on maps of 1597)
    1597 - Old Perlican mentioned as "Parlican".
    1640 - John Brown, a Planter, is living here.
    1675 - The First Nfld Census lists 14 Planters living here.
    1690 - There are 19 Houses, Stores and LiveStock.
    1697 - French Pirates, of Pierre d'Iberville, seize Old Perlican.
    1729 - Old Perlican gains a Justice of the Peace.
    1856 - The Community WayOffice is Established.
    1883 - The First PostMaster is George Tuff
    1937 - A Radio Receiver is installed in Old Perlican.

    Island Car 41

    Baccalieu Island bears Witness
    to the Menace of the North Atlantic Ocean.
    Wrecks of Ships surround the Island.
    Baccalieu Island Ecological Reserve has
    11 Species of SeaBirds.
    The Island hosts 3 Million pairs of
    NightFlying Leach's Storm Petrels,
    (and thousands of Puffins and
    BlackLegged KittiWakes)
    The Foxes on the Island rarely go hungry.
    1.709.729.2830 (Outside North America)


    Town View Car 42


    Pharmacy Car 43

    Old Perlican Distances to:
    Quebec 1375 km
    Montreal 1594 km
    Ottawa 1749 km
    Toronto 2086 km
    Winnipeg 3183 km
    Calgary 4293 km
    Vancouver 4961 km


    Irving Car 44
    EmploymentOffice Beverages
    Car 45 Convenience

    Stop Sign
    Turn Left to enter Old Perlican

    View Sea MilkWort
    LightHouse SpeedWell

    Old Perlican
  • Baccalieu Collegiate 587-3210

  • Employment Assistance 587-2343

  • Harbour Authority 587-2885

  • Health Information 587-3062

  • Hospital 587-2200

  • Hoskins Community Center 587-3500

  • Library 587-2639

  • Medical Clinic 587-2310

  • NL Power 1-800-663-2802

  • NL Power Emergency 1-800-474-5711

  • Sears 587-2480

  • Town Council 587-2266

  • TriCon Pharmacy 587-2500

  • This is the End of Route 80

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